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Job Opening:   Assistant Store Manager- Immediate
  We are seeking an experienced, motivated individual to join our team. Ideal candidates posess mutiple years of garden center service and are experts in our field.  The position is full-time and will include seasonally required over-time during peak periods.

Job Opening:   Outdoor Garden Center Tree & Shrub Sales- 2018


  • Interacting with customers with a focus on attaining the highest level of customer service in the industry.

  • Must work all weekends in the spring high season.

  • Pice, restock, display nursery stock.

  • Provide regular care of plants to keep them in top condition.

  • Assist customers with gathering and loading items in vehicles.

  • Daily upkeep necessary to provide a clean and tidy atmoshpere.

  • much, much, more

Compensation: Based on experience,  ideally in our field...

Plant discounts of 50% and hard-goods of 33% for employees!


Numerous part time and seasonal positions become available throughout the year, send us your availability, we may have a suitable schedule!


Please email us with any questions:  info@corlissbrothers.com