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Fall is the best time to plant is often heard but what does that mean???
Its not only about the plant itself but also the planter! 
Cooler weather is far more enjoyable to work in the yard.
Digging is easier with the return of rainfall.
You can see what the plants fall color is.
Some plants will be available at a discount.

Why is it good for plants???
The return of rainfall, less frequent irrigating.
The sun intensity is becoming less powerful, less dehydration.
Roots are still actively growing.
No need for fertilizing newly installed trees and shrubs (compost/microbes are ok).
Insecticide use is usually unnecessary, insect activity winds down.

What about lawns???
Seeding should only be done in the fall for optimal results.
Cool nights and moist soil spells germination success.
Grass grows rapidly and fills in better.
Less disease and insect problems.
Requires less fertilization and irrigation.
No need for crabgrass preventers.
Try our famous 'Corliss Gold' grass seed today!



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